Candlelit Suppers and Sexual Depravity

In this initially charming scene, Frank and Susan are enjoying a candlelit supper and exchanging words of endearment. After a few minutes, Frank swigs the last of his wine, puts down his glass, and tells Susan to get undressed. She does so instantly, and what follows is a pretty standard piece of 1970s “explicit” sex.


However, as the couple writhe in ecstasy, the film cuts back and forth between their flickeringly illuminated bodies and another, much more disturbing scene. It is a pagan ritual with naked maidens and a sinister “high priest” who bears a striking resemblance to Simon Magus of The Unseen.


(It is NOT Magus. Septic has urged me to make this abundantly clear. He only looks like Magus.)

The music was recorded on a Mellotron Mk II, and devotees of King Crimson, The Moody Blues, and Yes will enjoy these classic tones. It is my belief that Magus played the flute section while Legg provided the rich strings and choir sounds.

It is difficult to comprehend nowadays, but the early 1970s was a time of serious speculation as far as witchcraft and the occult were concerned.  The documentary featured below, for example, was made in 1971, and was presented by Michael “Cakes” Bakewell, of whom very little was heard afterwards. “Cakes” was a college friend of Simon Grundig, and the strange, often troubling nature of their friendship, will be explored in a later entry.

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